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Album Review: Preacher’s Sons, ‘Looks Like A Flood, Feels Like A Drought’

21 Aug

By Becka DeLaney

Picture this: you and your friends decide to go camping in the desert. After a long hot day in the sun, you all decide to cool down in the evening, setting up your tents, eating some food and drinking some beers all while you decide what songs to sing. As the food is cooking and right before one note can leave anyone’s lips, you hear a rustling in the distance; hooves crashing hard against the ground, a stomping a bass drum; a cold, somber voice singing in the distance, backed by the faint chime of a strummed guitar. As it gets closer, you notice there are two men riding on horses coming your way. You stop what you are doing and stare at them.  They stop, get off their horses and sit down on the crummy old logs you all picked up along the way. “What’s your guys’ name?” you ask. “Oh,” they say, “We are the Preacher’s Sons. You want to hear some folkish soul food?” “Sure,” I say. “It’s a lot better than Kumbaya.”

Brandon Pfaff (lead singer, guitar and bass) and Jeremy Pfaff (drummer, keys, and backup vocals) Pfaff, the sons of a preacher and Oklahoma natives, are the creative minds behind the Fullerton-based band, Preacher’s Sons.

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