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Everyday Noise Playlist: 1-4-11

7 Jan

Young The Giant


This is the 1-4-11 playlist for my show Everyday Noise on HoundstoothRadio.com. Everyday Noise is a SoCal music show and airs Tuesdays from 8 to 10 p.m. then replays on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Q&A: Wires In The Walls

8 Oct

By Ashley Eliot

As hard as it is for OC bands to make the jump to LA, luckily, OC welcomes bands from all over with open arms. LA folk rock group Wires In The Walls is doing a mini-tour of OC starting next week. I saw the band perform with The Steelwells at Spaceland a couple months ago. Besides their awesome merch that I probably won’t ever get over, Wires In The Walls write compelling lyrics that tell stories you can really lose yourself in, of course in the best possible way. The power-driven raw vocals of Warren Sroka, the epic guitar riffs plus a variety of sounds from the accordion to banjo to euphonium produce a dynamic live show. Listen to “Take Care” and “Seen It Coming” off their most recent EP Calling Signs to hear what I mean.

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Everyday Noise Radio: Playlist 9-22-10

22 Sep

Everyday Noise Radio is a SoCal music show on Party934.com or 94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, NY. Ash hosts the show every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon PST (2-3 p.m. EST).

Playlist for September 22, 2010

Song – Band

Give Me Something – Le Switch
There’s a Light – Act As If
Finale – Funeral Party
Hold My Head – Dahga Bloom
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Eastern Conference Champions
Alaskan Sun – My Pet Saddle
Thought You Knew – Melanoid Asleep In The Wake Rock
Autumn Leaves – The New Limb
City Boy (Nordwind Remix) – WHITE ARROWS
Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie cover) – Warpaint
Wide Eyes (Teen Daze Remix) – Local Natives
my little dove – I hate you just kidding
Right Ones – Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits
Books & Teachers – Mississippi Man
Honest John – Les Blanks
Over Cold Shoulders – Eliza Rickman

Everyday Noise Radio: Playlist 9-9-10 COVERS

10 Sep

Everyday Noise Radio is a SoCal music show on Party934.com or 94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, NY. Ash hosts the show every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon PST (2-3 p.m. EST).

Playlist for September 9, 2010

* This was an all covers show.

Song – Band

I Do (by Weezer)    –   Drew Danburry
The Weight  (by The Band)    –    The New Limb
Worried Shoes (by Daniel Johnston)    –    i hate you just kidding
Warning Sign (by Talking Heads)   –   Local Natives
Cheers (TV show theme song) –   Kurt Hunter
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (by Cindi Lauper)   –    Kyle Deven of We Are The Pilots
Heart Of Glass (by Blondie)   –    Melanoid
Bizarre Love Triangle/ Time After Time (by New Order/Cyndi Lauper)  –  The New Limb
Runaway (by Del Shannon)    –    Trisha Smith and Ryan Radcliff of Honeypie
Miss You (by The Rolling Stones)    –    Moostache
Helter Skelter (by The Beatles) –    Venus Infers
Groove Is In the Heart / California Girls (by Deee-Lite/The Beach Boys)   –   Crocodiles
All My Friends (by LCD Soundsystem)    –   Vanaprasta
Naive (by The Kooks    – Trisha Smith and Ryan Radcliff of  Honeypie
First of the Gang (by Morrissey)    –    Zee Avi

Photos: OC Foodie Fest MUSIC

3 Sep

Here are some band shots from OC Foodie Fest. All photos by Lucas Ponce.

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

The New Limb


Denny White


The Relative Strangers

Albert and Piper hosting the fest!!!

Bands I Found On Tour #1 with Joey Chavez of The New Limb

8 Aug

Everyday Noise is bringing you a brand spank’n new feature called Bands I Found On Tour. While SoCal bands are touring it, we want to know what artists from other towns they discovered while on the road. First up, we have Joey Chavez, lead singer/guitarist, of The New Limb sharing his thoughts on three bands he found while on the Costa Mesa-based indie pop group’s first west coast tour.

The Pacific Northwest is known for breeding amazing bands the way rabbits or gerbils breed each other. So naturally, at least 45 percent of the excitement I felt touring up to Seattle stemmed from the knowledge that I would get to hear some great music.  I’m happy to report that there is in fact great music up there, and these are a few that stuck out.

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Video: Everyday Noise and Kitten launch the Birdhouse Sessions!

3 Jun

This past Tuesday, Everyday Noise headed over to the Birdhouse, the home of Costa Mesa-based The New Limb. Adam Chavez, producer/sound engineer and drummer for The New Limb, has opened up the band’s in-house studio for our bi-monthly Birdhouse Sessions featuring stripped-down performances by local bands/musicians.

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