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Q&A: Wires In The Walls

8 Oct

By Ashley Eliot

As hard as it is for OC bands to make the jump to LA, luckily, OC welcomes bands from all over with open arms. LA folk rock group Wires In The Walls is doing a mini-tour of OC starting next week. I saw the band perform with The Steelwells at Spaceland a couple months ago. Besides their awesome merch that I probably won’t ever get over, Wires In The Walls write compelling lyrics that tell stories you can really lose yourself in, of course in the best possible way. The power-driven raw vocals of Warren Sroka, the epic guitar riffs plus a variety of sounds from the accordion to banjo to euphonium produce a dynamic live show. Listen to “Take Care” and “Seen It Coming” off their most recent EP Calling Signs to hear what I mean.

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Album Review: Stacy Clark, ‘Connect The Dots’

5 Aug

By Albert Ching

Thus far in her career, Costa Mesa singer-songwriter Stacy Clark has achieved plenty, the kinds of things that many local acts are striving for — getting her music on TV shows like One Tree Hill, landing a song on a major commercial (“Touch and Go” was on a TV spot for the Canadian release of the Palm Pre last year), winning “Best Pop” at the OC Music Awards and signing to a national label, Vanguard Records, this past spring. But in a way she’s also starting fresh with sophomore full-length Connect the Dots; her songs being exposed to a broader audience and receiving the type of promotional push a label provides, as opposed to the d.i.y. release of her previous record, Apples and Oranges. Which isn’t to say that the songs on Connect the Dots won’t feel immediately familiar to those already acquainted with Clark’s work — it remains adult contemporary pop, alternating between intimately acoustic and rambunctiously trip-hoppy with a perpetual focus on her vocal skills.

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Everyday News: Honeypie’s first performance with the new full band lineup!

5 Jun

Huntington Beach-based pop/folk band Honeypie debuted their new full band lineup last night at The Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest. It was music history in the making. And thanks to Justin Deckert, whether you were able to witness the set or not, you can now watch it over and over again. Get to it.

The band includes Trisha Smith (lead vocals), Ryan Radcliff (electric guitar), Nate Boris (acoustic guitar), Kyle Deven (bass), and guest musicians Dallas Kruse (keys) and Brian Dishon (drums), .