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Q&A: Eastern Conference Champions

17 Oct

Photo by Clay Patrick McBride

By Allison Flaker

To say that Eastern Conference Champions have had a busy and successful year would be an understatement. From touring to ditching their label to being on one of the most anticipated soundtracks of the year, this trio from Pennsylvania have created quite the dust cloud. With a new album ready for release, Speak-Ahh, they aren’t ready for it to settle. Their music is a combination of moody, conceptual vocals and folk instrumentation that produce songs like “Bloody Bells” and my favorite, the somewhat Radiohead-esque, “Common Sense.” Each song drips with a unique blend of irregular drum beats and guitar solos that don’t dominate but compliment lead singer Joshua Ostrander’s powerful voice. They also do a cover of Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” that restores my hope in modern music.

Another reason to like this band: they have a chick bassist. I am forever grateful to Smashing Pumpkins’ bassist D’Arcy Wretzky for this awesome, female-empowering phenomenon. But I digress. I got a chance to ask Melissa Dougherty about the band’s recent independence, the new album, and their inclusion on the Twilight soundtrack.

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Album Review: The Fling, ‘When The Madhouses Appear’

25 Aug

By Nate Jackson

If there’s one constant description applied Long Beach band The Fling, it’s that they come off more like nostalgic archivists than aspiring breakout artists. But given the highly (re)creative climate already embraced by the music scene around them, that’s not a bad label to have. Especially since they’re one of few acts we can think of that care enough about the sounds they borrow to actually get them right. The track list of their debut full-length, When The Madhouses Appear (out Aug. 31 on the band‘s own label, Lady Monk Records) progresses through a timeline of pop and folk’s most iconic eccentrics.

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Q&A: The Fling

31 Jul

Photo credit: Dylan Cortez

By Ashley Eliot

If you were to have a summer fling, this Long Beach band would be your best bet. With a new album set to release later this month, The Fling is four guys making catchy folk/psychedelic rock that will instantly make you sway back and forth and hypnotize you with their talent. Influenced by John Lennon, Frank Black and The Zombies, you can definitely tell their sound also blends influences from Queen, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd.

The Fling is bringing back a classic sound that has been renewed with pop bursts, harmonies and distorted guitar riffs. The new record When The Madhouses Appear drops August 27 at Spaceland and it’s going to smack you right in the face. Then you’re going to smack yourself in the face for not knowing about this band sooner.

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