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Album Review: Venus Infers, ‘You’ll Understand When You’re Older’

6 Jul

By Allison Flaker

Huntington Beach’s Venus Infers remind me of why I enjoy chasing after new music and local heroes; they’re a band that rocks with intensity and ferocity. Their newest album, You’ll Understand When You’re Older, grabs you, gives you a shake and lets you hit the ground dizzy. With the release of their third full-length, Venus Infers are proving that their early career attention wasn’t all for nothing. Continue reading


Q&A: Mississippi Man

16 Jun

In April 2009, Mississippi Man released their debut EP, Snake Oil Salesman, with a show at the much-missed eVocal venue in Costa Mesa. It’s been an eventful sixteen months since—the band’s gone on tour, steadily increased their profile throughout Southern California, seen publicity in places like LA Record and puzzling onlookers with a nomination for Best Blues at this year’s OC Music Awards.

Though they didn’t take home that trophy, there’s still plenty to be excited about for Mississippi Man, including a July Monday night residence at the Echo, and an upcoming full-length album, A-OK. We caught up with guitarist and vocalist David Knight to find out the latest on the band, their favorite Orange County music and if they consider their music to be “blues,” or any other color.

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Song Review: Venus Infers, “(They Stole Today But They Won’t Take Away) Tomorrow”

2 Jun

If you follow local music closely, you’ve probably already formed an opinion on Huntington Beach’s Venus Infers. Their music—bombastic and intentionally epic—stands in contrast to the contemplative, coffee house rock prominent in much of Southern California. Their style—leather jackets and rock star posturing—is a far cry from the unassuming, humble stage presence you’ll see at most local venues. And guess what? It’s working, as seen by the three OC Music Awards Venus Infers scored in 2009, high-profile opening gigs for Chris Cornell and Peter Murphy and song placement on shows like The Real World.

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MP3: Canvas, ‘The Habit’

25 May

Our pals in Santa Ana crew Canvas—playing the House of Blues in Anaheim this Friday, May 28, with, believe it or not, ’80s faves Berlin—have gifted us with the worldwide exclusive (!) of a new tune, tentatively titled “The Habit.”

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Q&A: Pacific Hurt

7 May

Picking out the right band name can be a challenge. Can people easily spell it? Will they say it properly? Will it be a constant annoyance to correct people? After a few years of getting their name out into the music world, Santa Ana’s Aushua thought long and hard about whether or not they should make a huge decision—find a new band name. Making the leap, they chose the name Pacific Hurt. If familiar with the band’s signature sound, coerced with endless guitar riffs billowing softly behind emotionally driven vocals, then you’re aware the band is bursting with talent. A name is just a name. They are still the same guys that won our hearts over with “No Harm Done” (the 2009 OC Music Awards winner for best song) and most recent EP, Limbo. Now, the five-piece starts fresh. (Interview by Ashley Eliot.)

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