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Everyday Noise Playlist: 1-4-11

7 Jan

Young The Giant


This is the 1-4-11 playlist for my show Everyday Noise on HoundstoothRadio.com. Everyday Noise is a SoCal music show and airs Tuesdays from 8 to 10 p.m. then replays on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Everyday Noise Radio: Playlist 10-14-10

14 Oct

Everyday Noise Radio is a SoCal music show on Party934.com or 94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, NY. Ash hosts the show every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon PST (2-3 p.m. EST).

Playlist for October 14, 2010

Song – Band

Crew Cut – Tijuana Panthers
This Isn’t It – Giant Drag
Appreciate – The Tails
Daylight – Denny White
Thrills – Moostache
Gimme My Soul – My Pet Saddle
Is This A Tempest In The Shape Of A Bell – Shadow Shadow Shade
Jungle Dog Fang Hell – BLOK
Sea Lion Goth Blues – The Growlers
Run in Reverse – Twilight Sleep
Call Out – Le Switch
Everything Stops for Tea – The Nervous Wreckords
The Season – Matt Costa
I Could Spit Nails – Canyons

Everyday News: Francisco The Man’s EP release party with My Pet Saddle & Preacher’s Sons

21 Jun

Tonight at The Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton, Francisco The Man will be celebrating the release of their EP With Friends Like You. Though it was released in May digitally and on vinyl, this is the official party for it. Presented by Anything Everything Mondays, tonight’s lineup also includes newcomers Preacher’s Sons and also releasing a new EP soon My Pet Saddle. Co-editor of Everyday Noise, Albert Ching wrote a review of Francisco The Man’s song “Do You Remember.” You can read the review here.

The show is 21+ and $5.

Song Review: “Do You Remember” – Francisco The Man

21 Jun

By Albert Ching

The last time Francisco the Man released new music was the same month Barack Obama announced his candidacy for presidency – February 2007. Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson were still alive, as was the American economy. Point is, it was a very long time ago.

Luckily, the band – now a trio, consisting of Riverside’s Scotty Cantino and Corona residents Nestor Romero and Abdeel Ortega – haa finally put together a new EP, this month’s With Friends Like You. We’ve got one of the songs right here, “Do You Remember,” and it already ranks among the band’s best. At a surprisingly breezy six-and-a-half minutes, Cantino guides a rousing “seize the day” anthem that’s just a tad wistful, asking “Do you remember when you were young, the way you used to think?” Think of it as Francisco the Man’s “Summer of ’69” – but with rich, distinctive guitar flavor driving an extended instrumental sequence, and no references to your mama’s porch.

“In the most basic sense, ‘Do You Remember?’ is just a song about growing up,” Cantino tells via email. “Specifically, a song about old friends, people moving away, and things in general changing. It might even be more about dealing with the changes life brings than it is about growing up. Who knows?”

It’s already become one of Cantino’s favorites, too.

“It has quite a bit of nostalgia for me, and quite frankly it is my favorite song to sing and play by far,” Cantino writes.
Francisco the Man are putting out the five-song With Friends Like You as a 12-inch EP, available for pre-order now. Physical copies will be available in May (vinyl takes a long time print, Cantino points out), but the record’s also going to be for sale digital-style at the usual outlets: ITunes, eMusic, LaLa, Amazon.

Francisco The Man’s EP release party is tonight at Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton with My Pet Saddle and Preacher’s Sons. 21+ $5