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Album Review: Kelli Scarr, ‘Piece’

23 Jul

By Becka DeLaney
Brooklyn’s Kelli Scarr, known for her collaboration and touring with well known music sensation Moby, has pieced together a life puzzle of music that hones in on the struggles of relationships and how to make peace with them. The 10-track full length album, Piece, scheduled to hit stores this Tuesday, exposes the singer’s sultry melodies and backdrops of ambient folk tunes.

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Q&A: Kelli Scarr

8 Jul

By Ashley Eliot

When a headliner drops from a bill, it’s typically a nightmare for everyone. You know that phrase “everything happens for a reason?” Well, Kelli Scarr proves that true. After the headliner canceled on a show her band Salt and Samovar were playing, the promoter somehow corralled Moby into performing last minute. And if it wasn’t for that show, who knows if Moby would have been able to witness Scarr’s musical talents. After that, Moby contacted Scarr about singing on his 2009 album Wait For Me. And from there, she toured with him and his band.

Scarr has quite a tale, from her days of performing in indie bands to film scoring to performing with Moby, and now she’s dived into the solo pool, releasing her first record Piece on July 27 on Silence Breaks Records. Keep an eye out for this Brooklyn-based lady and catch her on July 23 at The Park Gallery in San Diego and July 24 at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.

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