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Album Review: Venus Infers, ‘You’ll Understand When You’re Older’

6 Jul

By Allison Flaker

Huntington Beach’s Venus Infers remind me of why I enjoy chasing after new music and local heroes; they’re a band that rocks with intensity and ferocity. Their newest album, You’ll Understand When You’re Older, grabs you, gives you a shake and lets you hit the ground dizzy. With the release of their third full-length, Venus Infers are proving that their early career attention wasn’t all for nothing. Continue reading


Q&A: Mississippi Man

16 Jun

In April 2009, Mississippi Man released their debut EP, Snake Oil Salesman, with a show at the much-missed eVocal venue in Costa Mesa. It’s been an eventful sixteen months since—the band’s gone on tour, steadily increased their profile throughout Southern California, seen publicity in places like LA Record and puzzling onlookers with a nomination for Best Blues at this year’s OC Music Awards.

Though they didn’t take home that trophy, there’s still plenty to be excited about for Mississippi Man, including a July Monday night residence at the Echo, and an upcoming full-length album, A-OK. We caught up with guitarist and vocalist David Knight to find out the latest on the band, their favorite Orange County music and if they consider their music to be “blues,” or any other color.

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Album Review: Faded Paper Figures, “New Medium”

7 Jun

Faded Paper Figures – Invent It All Again by MikeRog10

By Nate Jackson

The market for smart electropop is in another boom period lately. And bands like Los Angeles/New Haven, CT based Faded Paper Figures remind us that someday college kids with Casio keyboards will inherit the earth (if they haven’t already). Just a year after their well-received debut, Dynamo, the synth savvy trio of R. John Williams, Kael Alden and Heather Alden return with New Medium. Striking a balance between digital foundations and raw human instincts, this sophomore release emerges with a fresh and fleshed-out approach to the once Irvine-based Faded Paper Figure’s modern, aural architecture.

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Show Review: Mumford and Sons at the Music Box; June 4, 2010

6 Jun

By Allison Flaker

This past Friday, the Music Box at the Henry Fonda Theater was transformed into a backyard barn hoedown. The hosts: four salty Englishmen that make up Mumford and Sons. The night was literally a boot stomp’n, heart pump’n, banjo strum’n hell of a time that could have taken place on the English countryside.

As the quartet took the stage, the crowd was overwhelmed with the anticipation of their first song. Hoots and hollers could be heard as Marcus Mumford started singing with his intense, seedy voice he’s become so well known for and before long the foot stomping began. What this band brings to their album “Sigh No More,” and more importantly to the stage is their raw and gritty vocal adrenaline. The beautiful, story-like lyrics were sung with such conviction and purity everyone was greedily salivating for more. It was clear that the crowd was lost in a wave of euphoric glee as they traveled to a new world and discovered the sounds of old English folk.

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Audio: Birdhouse Sessions #1 with Kitten

4 Jun

Yesterday, we shared a video from the inaugural Birdhouse Sessions with Kitten. Now, audio! Click after the jump for a breezy 11-minute podcast featuring two exclusive, solo acoustic performances from Kitten singer Chloe Chaidez—”Kill the Light” and “Apples and Cigs”—and a quick Q&A with Ash. Is there a better way to start a weekend, I submit that there is not.

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Video: Everyday Noise and Kitten launch the Birdhouse Sessions!

3 Jun

This past Tuesday, Everyday Noise headed over to the Birdhouse, the home of Costa Mesa-based The New Limb. Adam Chavez, producer/sound engineer and drummer for The New Limb, has opened up the band’s in-house studio for our bi-monthly Birdhouse Sessions featuring stripped-down performances by local bands/musicians.

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Q&A: Voxhaul Broadcast

3 Jun

Starting in the beautiful sights of south Orange County and currently residing in the indie music haven Echo Park is a rock band with so much soul that you would probably be willing to exchange your own soul for their songs, within seconds of hearing them live.

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