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Everyday News: Family of the Year in Advil Commercial

21 Oct

Silver Lake-based Family of the Year have gotten the notice of Advil. Their song “Chugjug” can be heard in the current Advil commercial. And this time I’m not filming the commercial on my phone and posting it so you better watch some more TV..I saw it on ABC after 9 p.m. If you don’t know the song, get to know it.


Everyday Noise Radio: Playlist 10-13-10

13 Oct

Everyday Noise Radio is a SoCal music show on Party934.com or 94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, NY. Ash hosts the show every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon PST (2-3 p.m. EST).

Playlist for October 13, 2010

* This is a local rainy day mix, except The Soft Pack song which was a request.

Song – Band

Pillars of Fire – Deep Sea Diver
Mountain Man – Crash Kings
Selfish Kids – Radars to the Sky
Just Across the Pond (feat. Molly Marlette) – Jake McMullen
Far Away – Best Coast
Sleeptalker – The Color Turning
Chugjug – Family of the Year
White Table – Delta Spirit
Don’t Say Oh Well – GROUPLOVE
Easy to Please – LESANDS
Crush – Pacific Hurt
Soldier On – Telegram
Mamma Don’t Care – The Union Line
Color Of Sin – Vanaprasta
The Voyeur (Data Entry Remix) – WHITE ARROWS

Birdhouse Session: Family of the Year

10 Jul

It’s time for Everyday Noise’s Birdhouse Session! This is our second podcast. Listen to Silver Lake’s Family of the Year play live and talk about what’s upcoming. And check out the video of the band performing in our Birdhouse studio. The podcast was recorded and mixed by Adam Chavez, and edited by Ash Eliot.

Everyday Noise Birdhouse Session #2 with Family of the Year by EverydayNoise

My Theme Song of the Day

25 Jun

Every single friggin day I’m trying to post a song that best represents how I’m feeling. Here is a brief review of the songs I chose every day this week. For updates, follow @AshleyEliot and @MyEverydayNoise on twitter. Let us know what your theme song is for the weekend! – Ash

Q&A: Family of the Year

24 Jun

By Nate Jackson

It’s a given that large collections of folk musicians inevitably breed full-blown hippie communes. So it’s not exactly a surprise to know that the Family of the Year, one of Silverlake’s buzzworthy sextets, actually does live together in one house. Unfortunately it’s in a small house in LA, and not some forest shack in Big Sur. But listening to their music, you’d never be able to tell. Flush with young, hopeful gang vocals, acoustic simplicity and a stockpile of lyrics that read like dusty, introspective road diaries, the band’s sound is a heartwarming sliver of local sound that continues to impress.

Their latest EP, Through the Trees, was released in March and we caught up with drummer Sebastian Keefe who started the band with brother Joseph Keefe (vocals, guitar) in 2008. Together with members James Buckey (guitar, vocals), Christina Schroeter (keys, vocals), Meredith Sheldon (vocals, guitar) and Farley Galvin (bass), Sebastian hopes to reach out to as many FOTY fans as possible with the help of youthful passion, psych-pop and postcards.

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