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Photos: OC Foodie Fest MUSIC

3 Sep

Here are some band shots from OC Foodie Fest. All photos by Lucas Ponce.

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

The New Limb


Denny White


The Relative Strangers

Albert and Piper hosting the fest!!!


Album Review: Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, Self-Titled

23 Jun

By Ashley Eliot

What was supposed to be the soundtrack to a film the band were putting together has now become a collection of old and new songs, raw and revitalized. Once the movie reached a sudden roadblock, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band knew they couldn’t stop the music. The 11-song self-titled record–scheduled to be released July 15 at The Echo in Los Angeles–was mastered by Juan Suarez at Stone Heavy Sound and took only three weeks in the studio. The album, the band’s third, includes favorites “All One!” (now with an exclamation point), “Dear Honey,” “The Ballad of Jim Jones” and “Street Fighter Opus Pt 1” (and this time there’s a “Street Fighter Opus Pt 2”). “Some songs are orchestrated and epic and some were tracked to analog tape live in the studio,” says guitarist and vocalist Kyle Divine. “It’s focused in spirit, broad in its genres, has our epic tracks but also our folky stuff. We felt it would probably be more accessible to someone who hadn’t heard us.”

The softer version of “Branch Davidians” is definitely one of the more “epic” tracks, highlighting by a choir and making you want to join in. The whole album shows another side to the band-a stripped down version that brings to life their southern soul feel. The rugged and free style is something we lack hearing nowadays with so many bands creating over-produced and over-the-top mastered records. It’s nice to listen to an album that isn’t jammed down your throat with perfection. The record’s rawness and reality creates its own intrigue and spotlights little things here and there, like Andrea Babinski’s violin solo in “Street Fighter Opus Pt 2” and the iridescent harmonies in new song “Highest Mountain.” Available on CD Baby now!

Recommended tracks: “Dear Honey,” “Highest Mountain,” “Branch Davidians” and “All One!”

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band will be performing at the OC Foodie Fest on August 28th. www.myspace.com/dustyrhodes