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Q&A: Wires In The Walls

8 Oct

By Ashley Eliot

As hard as it is for OC bands to make the jump to LA, luckily, OC welcomes bands from all over with open arms. LA folk rock group Wires In The Walls is doing a mini-tour of OC starting next week. I saw the band perform with The Steelwells at Spaceland a couple months ago. Besides their awesome merch that I probably won’t ever get over, Wires In The Walls write compelling lyrics that tell stories you can really lose yourself in, of course in the best possible way. The power-driven raw vocals of Warren Sroka, the epic guitar riffs plus a variety of sounds from the accordion to banjo to euphonium produce a dynamic live show. Listen to “Take Care” and “Seen It Coming” off their most recent EP Calling Signs to hear what I mean.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be At Detroit Bar On A Monday This Month

5 Oct

10. What else is there to do on a Monday?

9. It starts your week off right…especially after a shot or two. You’ll start to feel like it’s a Friday and who doesn’t want every day to feel like a Friday especially on the hardest day of the week?

8. It’s a free show, which equals more money for booze and late night grub.

7. Breakfast burrito from Alejandro’s.

6. There are lasers and immense amounts of fog.

5. An additional light show during We Are The Pilots. It’s trippy.

4. It gives you a chance to make new friends, catch up with close ones and hook up with someone.

3. The dance session following the show…yes people get down on a Monday night.

2. Two great bands – We Are The Pilots (from OC) and Toy Robot (from LA) have a split residency. Both consist of some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and they know how to drink…even though it’s a Monday.

1. Supporting local music is a must.

Song Review: Young The Giant, ‘My Body’

4 Aug

By Becka DeLaney

Starting off like the soundtrack to an action movie during the opening credits, “My Body,” by Newport Beach natives Young the Giant, begins with pounding drum beats that back a rising synthesizer. The build creates a feeling deep within as if you’re preparing for the fight of your life.

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New Noise: Strange Birds

30 Jul

By Allison Flaker

Strange Birds is a transcendental dream; a fluttery and feathery journey through a whimsical forest. Their melancholy self-titled EP is clean, airy and offers the simplest instrumentation, stripped of elaborate orchestration. Their lovely and intimate music is to be paired with a sun-lit afternoon at the beach soaking up California’s golden coast with some Thoreau in hand.

This folk duo from Irvine made up of Aidin Sadeghi and Bret Leinen know how to induce just the right amount of tranquility without rocking you gently into a coma. As many other great musicians do, these two met each other through the local music scene in Orange County. It didn’t take long for them to begin collaborating together and release an EP. The result was something pure, organic and the evidence of a fruitful friendship. The album, which was posted on their bandcamap site in March, has since received more than 600 downloads. The two haven’t spent much of their time performing but that seems to be changing. With only a few recent appearances, the guys have two upcoming shows at Detroit Bar, which will hopefully lead to more.

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Photos: Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles at Detroit Bar 7/3/10

7 Jul

Photos by Lucas Ponce

Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Crocodiles @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Tomorrow's Tullips @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

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Everyday News: Voxhaul Broadcast, Harlem & We Barbarians this Saturday

22 Jun

I’m sure you all know how I feel about Voxhaul Broadcast so when I saw this last minute addition to the Detroit Bar schedule I got a little too excited. Accompanying the band is Texas-based fun, thrash band Harlem and Long Beach’s wonderful We Barbarians (who I haven’t seen in like a year…sad, I know). The lineup is a great one and Red Bull’s Manny Mania skateboarding series is presenting the show. If you’re there for Manny Mania, the cover is $5 compared to $10 at the door. – Ash

Q&A: Denny White

21 Jun

By Ashley Eliot
Denny White might be young but he’s got an old soul. Only 21 years old and a few shows in since his live band lineup was official, and the Costa Mesa-based singer-songwriter already has a residency at Detroit Bar this month.  He obviously knows what he’s doing. White, who sings and plays keys, has the ladies and gentlemen awe struck over his pop/soulful chops and catchy ballads like in songs “Over My Head” and “All or Nothing.” The piano rock artist who reaches a diverse crowd from teens to moms, talked to Everyday Noise about how he got into this style of music.

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