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Q&A: He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister

12 Oct
By Ashley Eliot
Two Sundays ago a folk band from LA celebrated their debut self-titled EP at the Bootleg Theater. Though the band has been together for almost two years and didn’t really pursue it until now, it makes sense why they wanted to wait. He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister wanted to save it all up for the big bang – a diverse and very lovable EP, and a tour with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And if you’ve seen the band live then you know why Edward Sharpe chose them as the opening band. HMBSMS create a fun and friendly live show through amping up the crowd to yell, snap fingers and jump, plus each individual member is extremely talented with a natural stage presence. A highlight is definitely the adorable Lauren Brown on percussion, which is her intense tap dancing on a wooden block. Siblings Robert (vocals and guitar) and Rachel Kolar (vocals, tambourine and vibraslap) plus Satya Bhabha on cello and Brown make up the group, and occasional sit-in by Edward Sharpe’s drummer Orpheo McCord . With songs “Tales That I Tell,” “Lazy Daze” and “How’m I Gonna Get Back Home,”HMBSMS has the overall package – great songwriting and an amazing stage presence.

Q&A: Lesands

20 Sep

Photo by Emily Shaw

By Allison Flaker

Lesands, formely known as Arrowws, is music today: conceptual, progressive, synthesized and outstandingly creative. These boys from North San Diego, Austin Taylor Tirado, Joel Plotnik, Andy Briehan, and John Fredericks, have yet to release an EP but have been playing an abundance of shows from San Diego to LA. They frequently can be seen at the Bootleg Theater and a couple weeks ago played The Troubadour with Mississippi Man and Neverever. Music blogs by the dozens are praising them for their song “Pretenders,” due to it’s musical ingenuity and the band’s intoxicating synth-pop sound. If you haven’t heard it yet please do yourself a favor and put it on repeat. It never gets stale and it’s more difficult not to dance than bust a few moves.

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Q&A: Family of the Year

24 Jun

By Nate Jackson

It’s a given that large collections of folk musicians inevitably breed full-blown hippie communes. So it’s not exactly a surprise to know that the Family of the Year, one of Silverlake’s buzzworthy sextets, actually does live together in one house. Unfortunately it’s in a small house in LA, and not some forest shack in Big Sur. But listening to their music, you’d never be able to tell. Flush with young, hopeful gang vocals, acoustic simplicity and a stockpile of lyrics that read like dusty, introspective road diaries, the band’s sound is a heartwarming sliver of local sound that continues to impress.

Their latest EP, Through the Trees, was released in March and we caught up with drummer Sebastian Keefe who started the band with brother Joseph Keefe (vocals, guitar) in 2008. Together with members James Buckey (guitar, vocals), Christina Schroeter (keys, vocals), Meredith Sheldon (vocals, guitar) and Farley Galvin (bass), Sebastian hopes to reach out to as many FOTY fans as possible with the help of youthful passion, psych-pop and postcards.

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