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Everyday Noise Show Playlist 1/18/11

25 Jan

Here is the 1/18/11 playlist from my show Everyday Noise on HoundstoothRadio.com. Listen to a new show tonight at 8 p.m.

Starlight    –   Walter Meego
Trite & Overused    –    Paulie Pesh
New Fight Song    –    Patrolled by Radar
Si Es por Amor    –   Wait. Think. Fast.
One Way Ride (G-dub Remix)    –    Standing Shadows
On/Off The Ledge    –    Robotanists
Sugar    –    Wake Up Lucid
Strangers    –  The Fling
Nothing Can Come Between Us   –  Obi Best
Wicked Blood    –   Sea Wolf
Helena Beat    –    Foster The People
FOUND! The Real Found   –    KIEV
BOS    –   The Gromble
Gone With The Snake    –    May McDonough
The Floodgate    –    Tic Tic Boom!
Night & Day    –    Chief
Gasoline    –    Wires In the Walls
Overdrawn    –    White Sea
Rich Girls    –  Fitz & The Tantrums
Shadows (Neon Lights Remix)    –    Warpaint
Showers Without Warning    –    Hi Ho Silver Oh
Coaxed    –    Avi Buffalo
Summertime   –  Eastern Conference Champions
A Sightly Mess    –    Molly Marlette
The Cause    –  Walking Sleep
Sun Hands (White Arrows Remix)    –   Local Natives
Friend of Feeling Good   –  Olin And The Moon
Soul Stripper   –    Prima Donna
A Play To End All Plays    –    Yellow Red Sparks
Super Soaker    –    Wavves
Marvel Me    –    The Wind      


Everyday Noise Radio: Playlist 10-7-10

8 Oct

Everyday Noise Radio is a SoCal music show on Party934.com or 94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, NY. Ash hosts the show every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon PST (2-3 p.m. EST).

Playlist for October 7, 2010

* This is a local rainy day mix, except The Soft Pack song which was a request.

Song – Band

Monsters With Misdemeanors    –    yellow red sparks
Truth Sets In    –   Avi Buffalo
Rewind    –    Faded Paper Figures
Pretty Little Head    –    Eliza Rickman
Dry The Rain    –    The Fling
had enough    –   I hate you just kidding
Who Knows Who Cares    –    Local Natives
One’s Song    –  Moostache
Answer to Yourself    –   The Soft Pack
Right    –   Melanoid
Rain Drops    –    Francisco The Man
Autumn Leaves    –   The New Limb
Looks Like a Flood    –    Preacher’s Sons
The Echo  –   Voxhaul Broadcast
Heart Of Wood    –  We Are The Pilots
Portraits    –    Barrett Johnson

Everyday Noise Radio: Playlist 9-2-10

2 Sep

Everyday Noise Radio is a SoCal music show on Party934.com or 94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, NY. Ash hosts the show every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon PST (2-3 p.m. EST).

Playlist for September 2, 2010

One Last    –    Avi Buffalo
Golden    –   Spirit Vine
Mama, Drain The Bathtub    –  May McDonough
I Got    –    Young the Giant
New Boots    –   Tijuana Panthers
Stories    –    Republic of Letters
Don’t Take What’s Mine    –   Stacy Clark
There’s This There’s That    –    We Barbarians
Witchcraft    –   Matt Costa
Heart Is An Ocean    –    Pacific Hurt
Coming or Going    –    White Arrows
Fell On the Floor    –    Red Cortez
Let’s Be Honest    –   Family Of The Year
Home    –    Glasser
Vagaries    –    The New Limb

Everyday Noise Radio on Party934.com/94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, NY – Playlist 8/11/10

11 Aug

Today was the debut of Everyday Noise Radio on Party934.com or 94.9 on the FM dial in Hudson Valley, NY. The radio show is not directly affiliated with our magazine but it will be playing a few songs by artists featured here. Ash is the host of the show, which plays only Southern California independent artists. Everyday Noise Radio is every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon PST (2-3 p.m. EST). Listen at Party934.com.

Playlist from the first-ever Everyday Noise Radio show is below:

song – artist

Drop Down Spin   –  Break The Circus featuring BLOK
Invent It All Again    –   Faded Paper Figures
Pretenders    –    LESANDS
Camera Talk    –    Local Natives
Dear Dictator    –    Saint Motel
What’s In It For?    –   Avi Buffalo
Heart Of Glass cover    –    Melanoid
Oh Goodbye    –   the Colourist
Color Of Sin    –   Vanaprasta
The Backrooms    –  Voxhaul Broadcast
sun-dried tomatoes   –   I hate you just kidding
Wanderingfoot   –   The Fling
My Body –  Young the Giant

Album Review: Avi Buffalo, ‘Avi Buffalo’

23 May

It seems that with the success of progressive, electric-rock music this year and its emergence into the mainstream media, it has become, well, less progressive. That’s until a few fresh and untainted faces remind us originality isn’t dead and hype is for losers. The electrifying, beach-infused sound which surrounds Avi Buffalo’s new eponymous LP is nothing less than euphoric. Textured and vibrant melodies on top of complicated and occasional perfectly mismatched instrumentation induce a purely hypnotic intoxication.

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