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Photos: OC Foodie Fest MUSIC

3 Sep

Here are some band shots from OC Foodie Fest. All photos by Lucas Ponce.

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

The New Limb


Denny White


The Relative Strangers

Albert and Piper hosting the fest!!!


Everyday News: It’s Alberth Day!

17 Jun

Today, we give thanks for having such a rad guy, Mr. Albert Ching, in our lives. Not only does he melt hearts with his writing and confuse people with his secret comic book language, but he can also kick Lady Gaga’s ass with a damn good cover of “Poker Face,” do the best running man I’ve ever seen and out-drink me (which is pretty rare, people). In celebrating of Alberth Day, we are going to do karaoke tonight at McClures in Tustin.

Please L’Chiam my best bud Alby tonight with a shot…actually many shots.


– Ash