Album Review: Venus Infers, You’ll Understand When You’re Older

Huntington Beach rockers release their third album, including some new tracks, some old tracks and some covers.

+ ——————————————————— + ——————————————————— +

Album Review: The Tails, Self-Titled

Out of Long Beach, the brand new group has collaborated with members of well-known bands Limbeck and Avi Buffalo.

+ ——————————————————— + ——————————————————— +

Album Review: Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, Self-Titled

The Anaheim six-piece debut new album of old favorites and new tracks.

+ ——————————————————— + ——————————————————— +

Song Review: Carly Layne, “If You Were Here”

The young up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Laguna Beach releases new single and heads back into the studio to finish an upcoming record.

+ ——————————————————— + ——————————————————— +

Song Review: Francisco The Man,”Do You Remember”

Riverside trio release new EP With Friends Like You digitally and on vinyl.

+ ——————————————————— + ——————————————————— +

Album Review: Faded Paper Figures, New Medium

The once Irvine-based electropop trio are coming back to the west coast in late July and they’re bringing brand new music with them.

+ ——————————————————— + ——————————————————— +

Album Review: Avi Buffalo, Avi Buffalo

These plucky, sometimes naughty, Long Beach teens have gotten international acclaim for good reason, as their debut full-length shows.

+ ——————————————————— + ——————————————————— +

Album Review: Semi Sweet, A Little Bitter

We give the latest EP from this female-fronted Costa Mesa four-piece five out of five red ant-covered lollipops. (That’s good, right?)

+ ——————————————————— + ——————————————————— +

Album Review: So Many Wizards, Love Songs For When You Leave Me

Go ahead and judge the latest EP from this Long Beach trio by its cover—it’s quite lovely, just like their music.

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