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Photos: OC Foodie Fest MUSIC

3 Sep

Here are some band shots from OC Foodie Fest. All photos by Lucas Ponce.

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

The New Limb


Denny White


The Relative Strangers

Albert and Piper hosting the fest!!!

Last Night at The Continental Room: Genius and the Thieves

18 Aug

Zachary Ryan of Genius and the Thieves

San Francisco’s Genius and the Thieves, after enduring a long car ride to Fullerton had a lot of energy saved up for last night’s show and boy did they drop a dance bomb on the crowd. Performing with Anaheim’s We Are The Pilots and Huntington Beach’s Moostache, Genius and the Thieves seemed right at home at The Continental Room. Rather than explain it, showing you would be the best way for you to understand. So take a look at photos of Genius and the Thieves below and also a few of We Are The Pilots. I was unable to take pics of Moostache because of a must-needed food run that resulted in waiting for a falafel wrap for way too long.

Photos: Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles at Detroit Bar 7/3/10

7 Jul

Photos by Lucas Ponce

Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Crocodiles @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

Tomorrow's Tullips @ Detroit Bar 7-3-10

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Photos: The Bellhaunts, Kitten, Arrows, The Vespertines at Detroit Bar

8 Jun

So, our second monthly show at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa was a grand time from top to bottom, with The Bellhaunts, Kitten, Arrows and The Vespertines all turning in fab performances—not to mention sonically diverse, as each band pretty much sounded nothing like the rest, other than being, y’know, “good.” If you missed it or would just like to relive the experience, here are some shots—all photos by Ashley Eliot.

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