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Show Review: Locally Grown at The Grove of Anaheim 8/19/10

26 Aug

The Sugar Daddys - Photo Credit: Lucas Ponce

The Sugar Daddys, Faraway Boys and Trash Monsters at The Grove

By Jason Morash

Diversity is what America strives upon, and the Orange County music scene is no different. Musical influences vary through all kinds of genres — hip-hop/rap, punk, metal, rockabilly, and classical music. It’s safe to say that the OC music scene is one giant melting pot, and at the “Locally Grown” concert Aug. 19 at The Grove of Anaheim, there definitely was a taste of that.

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Album Review: The Fling, ‘When The Madhouses Appear’

25 Aug

By Nate Jackson

If there’s one constant description applied Long Beach band The Fling, it’s that they come off more like nostalgic archivists than aspiring breakout artists. But given the highly (re)creative climate already embraced by the music scene around them, that’s not a bad label to have. Especially since they’re one of few acts we can think of that care enough about the sounds they borrow to actually get them right. The track list of their debut full-length, When The Madhouses Appear (out Aug. 31 on the band‘s own label, Lady Monk Records) progresses through a timeline of pop and folk’s most iconic eccentrics.

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Album Review: Preacher’s Sons, ‘Looks Like A Flood, Feels Like A Drought’

21 Aug

By Becka DeLaney

Picture this: you and your friends decide to go camping in the desert. After a long hot day in the sun, you all decide to cool down in the evening, setting up your tents, eating some food and drinking some beers all while you decide what songs to sing. As the food is cooking and right before one note can leave anyone’s lips, you hear a rustling in the distance; hooves crashing hard against the ground, a stomping a bass drum; a cold, somber voice singing in the distance, backed by the faint chime of a strummed guitar. As it gets closer, you notice there are two men riding on horses coming your way. You stop what you are doing and stare at them.  They stop, get off their horses and sit down on the crummy old logs you all picked up along the way. “What’s your guys’ name?” you ask. “Oh,” they say, “We are the Preacher’s Sons. You want to hear some folkish soul food?” “Sure,” I say. “It’s a lot better than Kumbaya.”

Brandon Pfaff (lead singer, guitar and bass) and Jeremy Pfaff (drummer, keys, and backup vocals) Pfaff, the sons of a preacher and Oklahoma natives, are the creative minds behind the Fullerton-based band, Preacher’s Sons.

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Album Review: Stacy Clark, ‘Connect The Dots’

5 Aug

By Albert Ching

Thus far in her career, Costa Mesa singer-songwriter Stacy Clark has achieved plenty, the kinds of things that many local acts are striving for — getting her music on TV shows like One Tree Hill, landing a song on a major commercial (“Touch and Go” was on a TV spot for the Canadian release of the Palm Pre last year), winning “Best Pop” at the OC Music Awards and signing to a national label, Vanguard Records, this past spring. But in a way she’s also starting fresh with sophomore full-length Connect the Dots; her songs being exposed to a broader audience and receiving the type of promotional push a label provides, as opposed to the d.i.y. release of her previous record, Apples and Oranges. Which isn’t to say that the songs on Connect the Dots won’t feel immediately familiar to those already acquainted with Clark’s work — it remains adult contemporary pop, alternating between intimately acoustic and rambunctiously trip-hoppy with a perpetual focus on her vocal skills.

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Song Review: Young The Giant, ‘My Body’

4 Aug

By Becka DeLaney

Starting off like the soundtrack to an action movie during the opening credits, “My Body,” by Newport Beach natives Young the Giant, begins with pounding drum beats that back a rising synthesizer. The build creates a feeling deep within as if you’re preparing for the fight of your life.

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Album Review: Kelli Scarr, ‘Piece’

23 Jul

By Becka DeLaney
Brooklyn’s Kelli Scarr, known for her collaboration and touring with well known music sensation Moby, has pieced together a life puzzle of music that hones in on the struggles of relationships and how to make peace with them. The 10-track full length album, Piece, scheduled to hit stores this Tuesday, exposes the singer’s sultry melodies and backdrops of ambient folk tunes.

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Album Review: Hindu Pirates, ‘Pelican Daze’

8 Jul

It seems that whenever someone writes a positive review about artists in their teens, it’s legally obligated to include phrases like “you would never guess (name of performer) is only (age),” “talented beyond their years,” or “their music defies their youth.” Well, why is that always so great? There is a certain universal appeal that comes with fully embracing youthful energy, with all of the novel discoveries and awkward growing pains that come with it.

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