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Bands I Found On Tour #1 with Joey Chavez of The New Limb

8 Aug

Everyday Noise is bringing you a brand spank’n new feature called Bands I Found On Tour. While SoCal bands are touring it, we want to know what artists from other towns they discovered while on the road. First up, we have Joey Chavez, lead singer/guitarist, of The New Limb sharing his thoughts on three bands he found while on the Costa Mesa-based indie pop group’s first west coast tour.

The Pacific Northwest is known for breeding amazing bands the way rabbits or gerbils breed each other. So naturally, at least 45 percent of the excitement I felt touring up to Seattle stemmed from the knowledge that I would get to hear some great music.  I’m happy to report that there is in fact great music up there, and these are a few that stuck out.

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