Everyday Noise Playlist: 1-4-11

7 Jan

Young The Giant


This is the 1-4-11 playlist for my show Everyday Noise on HoundstoothRadio.com. Everyday Noise is a SoCal music show and airs Tuesdays from 8 to 10 p.m. then replays on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Strings –  Young The Giant *Daytrotter Studio session
I Took A Trip On A Plane – Evan Voytas
Flutter –  Lonely Trees
Did Not The Lights Go Out For You – Shadow Shadow Shade
NYC Frog –  The Gromble
This Dance Is Out Of Your Hands –  The Steelwells
Sleazy – Semi Sweet
Small Talk –  Faded Paper Figures
Antidote – Preacher’s Sons
Enemies Friends – Pacific Hurt
Don’t Say Oh Well –  Grouplove
This Fear –  Audrey & the Deer
Day I Find –  The Fling
Shoe Shaker – My Pet Saddle
Single Sedative (Acoustic) – Eastern Conference Champions
You Don’t Know – Cannoneers of the New Command
Ebb And Flow – The New Limb
In Dreams  – Telegram
New Boots  – Tijuana Panthers
All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover)  –  Vanaprasta
Sweet Louise –  The Belle Brigade
Passed Out  – White Apple Tree
Oh Goodbye  – The Colourist
Mountain Man  –  Crash Kings
The Road –  The Monthlies
Crooked Strings  –  Kiev
Hollow Hollow Eyes  –  Crocodiles
Young Birds  –  Francisco The Man
Soul  –  Jake McMullen
City Boy (KKS Remix) – White Arrows
Bad Decisions –  Le Switch
Thrift Store Clothes – Light FM
Books & Teachers – Mississippi Man


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