My Highlights of 2010

29 Dec

It’s been a crazy year for me…lots of changes…here are my personal highlights of 2010.

* Leaving my day job of four years to launch my PR firm.

* Going from my Press Pass Music show, solely on OC music, to Everyday Noise, featuring SoCal music, which launched on two radio stations.

* Getting a burrito thrown at my head by a friend on a late night Del Taco run. Cross that off the bucket list.

* Making the jump to LA and getting more involved with the scene there. (Don’t worry, my heart is still in OC)

* Presenting at the OC Music Awards with my best bud Albert Ching and me taking a shot on stage.

* The New Limb, Hindu Pirates, Kitten, i hate you just kidding, Local Natives, The Black Keys, He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister, The Nervous Wreckords, Pepper Rabbit. Evan Voytas and The Deadly Syndrome all releasing beautiful records.

* Doing PR for a festival (OC Foodie Fest) that brought over 8,500 foodies together.

* Learned to say NO and be a real businesswoman.

* Threw up on my birthday, yet again, luckily no one really saw. It happens when you’re born on the Fourth of July…the best day ever.

* Started cycling classes. It’s like biking for people who go clubbing. So fun.

* Albert and Joy moving to LA…now I have a place to crash. ; )

* My new clients: Wildboys, Pithy Sweet, Big Bad Wolf and Jameson.

* Becoming vegetarian again..and now on day 3 of veganism.

* My obsession with

* Whiskey Ginger Ale

* Temecula parties

* Going through about five cell phones

* Kitten Mittens – “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

* Working the window at the Taco Dawg truck while being somewhat intoxicated.

* Everyday Noise & Houndstooth Radio launch a concert series at On The Rox.

* Becoming a board director for the Tustin Area Council For Fine Arts 2011

* Everything about Coachella, especially the stuck in traffic carkaraoke/squirt gun fight/beer chugging/nonsense

AND I’m sure there are a ton more highlights that I can’t think of right now because I only got a couple of hours of sleep buttttttt this is good for now. Can’t wait for 2011!

Expect a lot more from Everyday Noise. Thanks for the support!


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