Everyday Noise Radio on Party934: Playlist 12-29-10

29 Dec

Today was my final show on Party934.com/ 94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, NY. I will be focusing my attention solely on my show Everyday Noise on HoundstoothRadio.com. Thanks so much for tuning in to my show on Party934!

Here is the playlist from 12-29-10:

Ladykiller    –   White Sea
Apartment    –  Young the Giant
Creepy Crawly    –   The Gromble
I Took A Trip On A Plane    –   Evan Voytas
Cala Cola    –   The Smiles
Hey Big Bang    –  Superhumanoids
Exiled State of Mind    –   Robotanists
Architect    –    Twilight Sleep
Flutter   –    Lonely Trees
Let You Be    –   Jameson
Sun Hands (White Arrows Remix)    –   Local Natives
Empathy    –    Chasing Kings
Naked Kids    –    Grouplove
The Cold Wars    –    Faded Paper Figures
How’m I Gonna Get Back Home    –   He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister
The Backrooms    –    Voxhaul Broadcast

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