Noisemaker: Ryan Marshall Lawhon of White Apple Tree

12 Sep

Everyday Noise is bringing you a new feature. We want fans to get to know the artists behind the music. We’re excited to launch the feature with Ryan Marshall Lawhon, lead singer and guitarist, of San Diego-based electro/new wave/rock band White Apple Tree. You can actually download one of the band’s newest songs”Passed Out” by going to

Ryan Marshall Lawhon

City of residence:

San Diego

Your first music encounter ( a song, performance, instrument):

Miami Vice theme song (Crockett’s theme).

The worst song ever:

There are a lot of bad songs, but I think anything written by LIT takes the cake.

A song you would like to cover:

Metronomy’s “A Thing For Me.”

Your favorite song right now:

Sufjan Stevens’  “I Walked” and Miami Horror’s “Sometimes.”

Your two favorite bands/musicians when you were in 8th grade:

Jimmy Eat World and Deep Forest.

What kind of dance move would you like your listeners to participate in while watching you guys perform live?

Haha, well, the crowd used to punch dance with us during one song, but we are kind of past that.

We asked Ryan to fill the blanks and here’s what he had to say:
White Apple Tree’s music is better live.

I’m addicted to Pomegranate Italian Soda.

I’m terrified of the open ocean.

Clowns make me squirm.

I can’t wait to hike this October in Mammoth.

I’ve never removed my mic from it’s stand during a show.

I wish I could take a trip to Germany with zero cost.

Don’t watch stupid television and films. It just encourages execs to make more, when well made clever films get snuffed.


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