Show Review: Locally Grown at The Grove of Anaheim 8/19/10

26 Aug

The Sugar Daddys - Photo Credit: Lucas Ponce

The Sugar Daddys, Faraway Boys and Trash Monsters at The Grove

By Jason Morash

Diversity is what America strives upon, and the Orange County music scene is no different. Musical influences vary through all kinds of genres — hip-hop/rap, punk, metal, rockabilly, and classical music. It’s safe to say that the OC music scene is one giant melting pot, and at the “Locally Grown” concert Aug. 19 at The Grove of Anaheim, there definitely was a taste of that.

It’s a great idea from The Grove: take the best local bands who have defined the sound of the area and showcase them each Thursday in August, at one of Orange County’s most illustrious venues. The shows take place outside on the patio in front of The Grove, so audiences can experience fantastic live music and appreciate the summer weather at the same time.

Trash Monsters - Photo Credit: Lucas Ponce

After a pretty loud sound check, opening band the Trash Monsters were ready to go, with a hard-edge sound familiar to the punk rockers of old. The fast-paced drumming by Dave Irish did a good job in getting the crowd pumped up for the rest of the night to come. Wes Tanenbaum was passionate on vocals, and his guitar playing paid homage to classic punk. The Monsters cracked some lame jokes here and there, warming up the crowd. As corny as their jokes may be, this band has a great sound and has plenty of potential with songs such as “Kids Next Door,” “Let’s Dance,” and “I Can’t Feel My Heart.”

Faraway Boys lit the night up as much as guitarist/vocalist Scotty’s killer guitar. Not only were the lights cool on the guitar, but Scotty shredded on it and got the crowd popping. Ralphie added to the cool while he was slapping his upright bass, with the band showing their upbeat rockabilly/alternative rock sound on songs like  “Sailor Jerry’s Rum” and “Situations Change.” This band electrified the crowd and got a very pleasant reception from the audience. There is a very bright future ahead of them — even brighter than the light coming from Scotty’s guitar.

Faraway Boys - Photo Credit: Lucas Ponce

After about 15 minutes of waiting, the crowd was anxious to see the headliners, The Sugar Daddys. Boy, they did not disappoint one bit. They played a rockin’ set filled with fantastic and original rockabilly songs that got a few members of the audience to dance wildly. Every member of the band was impressive, and their on-stage (PG, sort of) humor was quite entertaining. Aaron Martinez shined on the drums by keeping the beat very well and adding a nice element to the music. Chuck Daniels truly presented the image of classic cool by singing some good lyrics and showing his moves on the upright bass. His look reminded me of that ‘50s feel, with a punk-rock element thrown in — twirling the bass and showing great chemistry with his bandmates.

Yet, I was most impressed by the other Martinez brother, guitarist Al Martinez. His licks got the crowd going, and seemed very fluid and confident on stage. Al may not have had the coolest guitar on stage but definitely had the best playing skills. The sound coming from his guitar appeared improvisational and I thought it was great. With songs like “Hot Rod BBQ,” Circus Girl,” “Drinking my Life Away,” and their title song, “I’m Bad For You,” this band can definitely make a crowd dance and shuffle their feet. The Sugar Daddys are sweet and have a successful future ahead of them.


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