Everyday Tour: Last Show Recap from the Road with Francisco The Man

12 Aug

Inland Empire’s Francisco The Man have been sharing their stories with us while on the road.

Day Six: High Dive, Empty Pool.

Last time I wrote, the four of us were relaxing with a cup of coffee in Fremont. Currently, we are 30 miles outside Modesto on Interstate 5. Between the two, having played our final show of tour, driven straight from Seattle to San Francisco hopped up on a bunch of pills some chick sold us, recouped with pizza and cold Tecate, and once again slept in the most comfortable pull out bed San Francisco has ever known.

I guess the only show left to talk about is Monday night’s show at the High Dive. Located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, the High Dive was certainly the nicest club we played all tour. In fact, it was probably one of the nicest clubs we’ve ever played. Thing is, good clubs don’t always make for good shows. While the sound was incredible, the staff courteous,  and the PBR cold, the crowd was slim and the door cut nonexistent. We certainly made the best of it though, and played possibly the best sounding set of tour. Turns out, the few who showed up actually listened to our set and were quite responsive – we sold vinyl and gave away the last copies of the bootleg CDR we made for those without record players.

I even signed an autograph.


– Scotty Cantino, lead singer and guitarist, Francisco The Man

On the stereo: The Muslims – CDR

Thanks to: Lily for our Seattle crash pad, No Doz, Benadryl, Roasted Water, Rolling Rock on tap, Piroshkys, Verellen Amps, 15 minute In-N-Out power naps, stolen soccer balls, Dick Bitch and Sinbad’s Gyros.

No Thanks to: Roasted Water, not getting paid, PBR mongrels, 13-
hour drives, old men with road rage and highway 152.

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