Everyday Tour: Last Stop on the Road with Francisco The Man

10 Aug

Inland Empire’s Francisco The Man have been sharing their stories with us while on the road.

Day Five: Capitol Hill Comets

Well, we finally made it to Seattle. Between yesterday’s traffic and our lack of interest in leaving the Portland crew, we didn’t have much time to spare before our load-in time at the Comet Tavern so we decided to head straight there. I had heard a lot of good things about the club, so I was feeling fairly optimistic in regards to the show. Once we arrived, it was pretty apparent that the place had a built-in crowd of it’s own and was probably somewhat of a live music staple in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Nestor Romero, bassist, Francisco The Man

Once we loaded in, the door guy mentioned that the headlining band had canceled last minute and we were now scheduled to play last. This worried me a little, but I figured it wouldn’t be too big of a deal since we still had the best time slot of the night. As it turned out, I was right – the show went really well. The two opening bands were great, the sound was the best we’ve experienced yet, and the response we had was strong. Though we had a few hiccups during the set, a broken string and malfunctioning delay pedal, it didn’t seem like anybody noticed. Overall, a solid show.

We are now sitting at a coffee shop called Caffe Ladro, in the Fremont district of Seattle, killing time before our show at the High Dive in a few hours. I’m beginning to get a little bummed out that tonight will be the last show of our trip, but it will be nice to be back home.

Over and out.

– Scotty Cantino, lead singer and guitarist, Francisco The Man

On the stereo: Thom Yorke – Eraser

Thanks to: Capitol Hill fish n’ chips, Astroturf, the bastard that shot a bottle rocket at me while carrying a bass drum to the van – you have unknowingly kept the band laughing all tour.

No Thanks to: Getting lost at 2 a.m., hitting ice cream cone licking picnickers in the head with a soccer ball, Washington traffic and that bastard who shot a bottle rocket at me while I was carrying a bass drum to the van – you scared the hell out of me.


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