Everyday Tour: Lots More From the Road with Francisco The Man

8 Aug

Inland Empire’s Francisco The Man have been sharing their stories with us while on the road. Read #1 here and #2 here.

Day Three & Four: Northwest Living

Initially, I thought I would have an easier time blogging from wherever we were crashing than from the road, but I’ve found it to actually be the opposite. To be honest, the last thing I wanted to do in Portland was get on the computer and talk about myself and I certainly don’t expect anything to change while in Seattle. However, on the road, I get bored pretty easily and this is about all I have to do – besides reading. Point is, I’ve slacked a bit on blogging the last few days so I’m going to kill two days with one blog.

Portland is behind us and Seattle ahead.

The last three days were fantastic. It was really nice to have the ability to crash in Portland for a few days and spend our time enjoying the city rather than in a van. I feel a bit spoiled that we were able to do that and certainly thank my cousin Mike, Griff and Brian for letting us takeover their living room.

The Pink Room

Friday was our first full day in town. We played our second show with Archers (CHECK THEM OUT!) that night at this rad house venue called the Pink Room. Basically, Leif and Jessica from Orca Team (Another fantastic Portland band) have completely converted their basement into a functioning underground venue and were kind enough to open up their doors to host our show. The night went really well and we had a solid turn out. Leif, being the true gentleman he is, was even kind enough to walk around collecting donations from everyone who came so that he could pay us. Score.

50 cent cigarette anyone? Photo taken at The Pink Room.

Saturday was our last day in Portland and our fifth show in a row. It was also the show I knew the least about. All I knew was that some dude named Dan was throwing a house party and both Archers and us were scheduled to play. Playing shows on tour is such a nice change from back home. None of us seem to care too much about specifics. We are here to play, so that is what we’re doing. Anyhow, kudos to Dan for throwing a bitch’n party and to Brian for having a birthday, because this was our best show yet. At first I was a little worried. The house was basically empty during our first song. However, by the end of our set, the living room was packed, people were dancing (when does that ever happen?!?! Awesome!) Chris and Mike from Archers were singing impromptu backing vocals on “Television Father” and the four of us were jamming harder than we ever have before. It was the perfect way to end our Portland stint. Chris, from Archers, followed in Leif’s footsteps and walked around after to collect donations just like the night before. Again, score.

We are now about 50 miles outside Seattle on our way to play the Comet Tavern in Capitol Hill. We should actually be there by now but traffic blows.  I also have to piss like I just drank a camel back of Bud Light. Bummer.

– Scotty Cantino, lead singer and guitarist, Francisco The Man

On the stereo: The National’s High Violet

Thanks to: Portland house shows, free parking tickets, Cliff bars, Jose from the Breeders (yes, you read that right. We hung out with the drummer from the Breeders in his KICK ASS vintage drum shop – Revival Drums.).

No Thanks to: The constant line at Voodoo Donuts, the Burnside Bridge Saturday market and empty kegs.

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