Bands I Found On Tour #1 with Joey Chavez of The New Limb

8 Aug

Everyday Noise is bringing you a brand spank’n new feature called Bands I Found On Tour. While SoCal bands are touring it, we want to know what artists from other towns they discovered while on the road. First up, we have Joey Chavez, lead singer/guitarist, of The New Limb sharing his thoughts on three bands he found while on the Costa Mesa-based indie pop group’s first west coast tour.

The Pacific Northwest is known for breeding amazing bands the way rabbits or gerbils breed each other. So naturally, at least 45 percent of the excitement I felt touring up to Seattle stemmed from the knowledge that I would get to hear some great music.  I’m happy to report that there is in fact great music up there, and these are a few that stuck out.

I Do Not Exist

This band’s value is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s like The Pixies meet The Strokes mixed with Motown here and there. I caught this all-female band in Fresno, Calif., and was pleasantly surprised by their unpolished, yet compelling performance.  Genise, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, writes about topics ranging from religion to teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson.  While watching their set, I couldn’t help but feel like I was seeing a wonderful anomaly, like a plant that grows out of solid cement. They shouldn’t be enthralling, but they are.

Terrible Buttons

After they played their set I told Kent Ueland (guitar/vocals) and Sarah Berentson (keys/vocals) that their music reminds me of a funeral parade you would see in New Orleans during the turn of the century. They replied with raised eyebrows and enthusiastic thanks. Ueland’s voice is like a bag of rocks being dragged across a washboard, and he wails lyrics about heartache and lost love. Berentson contributes spot-on harmonies, and the band has an eclectic bunch of instruments ranging from bottles to violin. Their music is heavy and intense with a steady thud throughout like a body hitting the floor. They demanded our full attention that night in Spokane, W., and we willing gave it.

The Pines

David Huckfelt (guitar/vocals) and Benson Ramsey (guitar/vocals) make up this folk/roots band out of Minneapolis, Minn. The artsy-looking girl that stood next to me during their set told me that she saw “desolate grass fields under a grey sky” when she closed her eyes during their song “Heart and Bones.” I didn’t see any of that when I did, though there was an intense feeling of nostalgia. The Pines’ music has the ability to draw you into a world alien to those of us neck-deep in urban living. They make it familiar and honest like their stripped down performance was — just two guitars and two voices.

Joey Chavez, lead singer and guitarist, of The New Limb


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