Everyday Tour: Francisco The Man

5 Aug

Kicking off their west coast mini-tour at Detroit Bar for Everyday Noise presents this past Tuesday, Inland Empire’s Francisco The Man will be sharing their stories with us while on the road. And here we go with #1.

Day One: Here’s to watching the sunrise on I-5

Well, it’s official. Tour has begun. It seems kinda lame to refer to our northwest stint as a “tour” but at least it sounds cool. After having a solid show at Detroit Bar on Tuesday, we rushed home, slept for a few hours and hit the road for our show in Oakland. Though we were all tired as hell, we ended up making great time so we decided to stop in San Francisco to get some food and hang out for awhile. Eventually, after some pizza and some Golden Gate Park romping, we took a bus back to the van and hit the road for Oakland.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about touring and playing shows in general, it’s that it is completely unpredictable – at least for a band at our level. Sometimes turnouts are huge and sometimes you play for the bartender. Sometimes a terrible PA system, sounds fantastic and sometimes you have a sound guy who can’t make the nicest equipment sound decent. That’s part of the fun of being in a band though. Point is, last night was a reminder of such unpredictability. Oakland was a total bust.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice place. It was just too small of a space for us play in. I think we would have blown the windows out. Not to mention, piss off every living soul in the room. So, instead of playing our normal set, I borrowed a classical guitar from the opening band (an all acoustic / un-amplified Wilco cover band) and played an acoustic set by myself. I really don’t care to play alone, but it was a better option than trying to throw together a half-ass low volume set with everyone. Plus, we didn’t have to spend an hour loading up the van after and got to head back to San Francisco to crash for some much needed rest.

It’s now about 9 a.m.  on Thursday morning and we are just outside Willows, CA – the burial grounds of our last van. Portland, here we come. It has been too long.

– Scotty Cantino, lead singer and guitarist, Francisco The Man

On the stereo: Big Star – Third / Sister Lovers

Thanks to: Nicole and Jason for giving us cold Tecate and the softest pull out beds San Francisco has ever known. Nice parents with fancy mini-vans. Sunflower seeds, roof satchels and FM transmitters.

No Thanks to: Bay Bridge traffic, waking up before sunrise and Taco Bell.

2 Responses to “Everyday Tour: Francisco The Man”

  1. Adrian August 7, 2010 at 12:21 am #

    Excited for you guys. Hope your shows go well. Love, Adrian.


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    […] 7 Aug Inland Empire’s Francisco The Man have been sharing their stories with us while on the road. Read #1 here. […]

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