Album Review: Stacy Clark, ‘Connect The Dots’

5 Aug

By Albert Ching

Thus far in her career, Costa Mesa singer-songwriter Stacy Clark has achieved plenty, the kinds of things that many local acts are striving for — getting her music on TV shows like One Tree Hill, landing a song on a major commercial (“Touch and Go” was on a TV spot for the Canadian release of the Palm Pre last year), winning “Best Pop” at the OC Music Awards and signing to a national label, Vanguard Records, this past spring. But in a way she’s also starting fresh with sophomore full-length Connect the Dots; her songs being exposed to a broader audience and receiving the type of promotional push a label provides, as opposed to the d.i.y. release of her previous record, Apples and Oranges. Which isn’t to say that the songs on Connect the Dots won’t feel immediately familiar to those already acquainted with Clark’s work — it remains adult contemporary pop, alternating between intimately acoustic and rambunctiously trip-hoppy with a perpetual focus on her vocal skills.

Initial single “Touch & Go” is unrelentingly catchy, and may already be a mainstream hit by the time you read this review. “Fireworks,” just a couple degrees moodier, is fit to be a worthy No. 2, similarly memorable and brimming with an endearing energy. It’s not all bubblegum for Clark, though, as she shifts credibly to more downbeat material — just look at the titles of songs like “Misery” and “All Time Low.”

How the rest of the world reacts to Connect the Dots remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Clark produces music that, while it may indeed remain very personal to her, is built for public conception. This isn’t music meant to be passed around on CD-Rs or performed in dingy clubs — it’s music for the masses, and Clark has gotten herself to a position where they can listen.

Stacy Clark’s album release show is August 19th at The Gypsy Lounge (21+) in Lake Forest.


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