Song Review: Young The Giant, ‘My Body’

4 Aug

By Becka DeLaney

Starting off like the soundtrack to an action movie during the opening credits, “My Body,” by Newport Beach natives Young the Giant, begins with pounding drum beats that back a rising synthesizer. The build creates a feeling deep within as if you’re preparing for the fight of your life.

The guitar riff seesaws back and forth just waiting until lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia breaks in with his hopelessly romantic plea. This plea increases in tension until the chorus blasts forth with an overwhelming flow of emotions.

“My body tells me no!” he exclaims, “but I won’t quit ‘cause I want more.” This line feels as if the speaker is desperately asking for something– which he knows isn’t good for him. This internal conflict is typical of the emotions that many people, this writer included, deal with in the midst of a lose-lose situation.

After the second chorus, Gadhia’s voice fades into the distance as guitarists Jacob Tilley and Eric Cannata take over and zigzag manically over the chaotic drum beats of Francois Comtois. Clearly, this commotion hints that the fight is getting out of hand and neither of the combatants is backing down.

This breakdown dissolves slowly as Gadhia’s energy is seemingly depleted. The band’s tempo slows along with him as he breaks into a drone, letting his words billow and repeat. The background vocals here respond sympathetically. Yet even though he sounds beat up as part of the struggle, he still manages to conjure up enough strength for one last triumphant chorus. The conflict may continue, but Gadhia and his troops soldier on.

Young The Giant perform this Wednesday (and every Wednesday after in August) at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. 9 p.m; $5; 21+


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