Q&A: The Fling

31 Jul

Photo credit: Dylan Cortez

By Ashley Eliot

If you were to have a summer fling, this Long Beach band would be your best bet. With a new album set to release later this month, The Fling is four guys making catchy folk/psychedelic rock that will instantly make you sway back and forth and hypnotize you with their talent. Influenced by John Lennon, Frank Black and The Zombies, you can definitely tell their sound also blends influences from Queen, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd.

The Fling is bringing back a classic sound that has been renewed with pop bursts, harmonies and distorted guitar riffs. The new record When The Madhouses Appear drops August 27 at Spaceland and it’s going to smack you right in the face. Then you’re going to smack yourself in the face for not knowing about this band sooner.

Everyday Noise caught up with Justin Ivy (drums/percussion) and Graham Lovelis (bass/vocals/melodica).

Ash: You guys are releasing your first full-length album August 27th at Spaceland. It’s been a long time coming. How did recording go?

Graham: It went amazing. We met some really good people along the way that helped us out so much with all the details. Before this, we would always try to record ourselves, but I think we all wanted to try doing it live and get the actual performance caught on tape by a professional. It’s more fun and it sounds better.

Ash: What’s the story behind the new album’s name When The Madhouses Appear? How do you think the record differs from anything else you guys have released?

Justin: It’s a line from our song “Day I Find.” We thought of different names for the album but that phrase just seemed to stick. As far as the record goes, I feel that this piece of work really blends well as a whole.

Ash: What three songs on the record should every person hear for sure?

Justin: “Day I Find,” “Dry the Rain” and “Strangers.” Those three songs are my favorite on the record for sure.

Ash: Tell us about the music video for “Wanderingfoot.” Where did you guys film it? Explain why this setting and whose idea was it to have people throw water at you guys?

Graham: It was all pretty random. We were already out there on the way to Austin for SXSW and our friends who just have insane camera equipment started shooting and we went nuts with it. After about an hour doing anything, our band loses focus and starts breaking down and getting drunk and throwing things. It just happens.

Ash: You’re playing a couple shows with Delta Spirit, do you know the band pretty well? And if you could trade places with anyone in that band who would it be and why?

Justin: They are good friends of ours and we are pumped to play some shows with them because their band is great. I would probably like to trade places with Kelly [Winrich, keys player] because he owns the ping pong table.

Ash: What’s is the best part about living in Long Beach?

Justin: The helicopters and random gunfire.

Ash: Where can we find the band most often in Long Beach? Favorite hangout?

Justin: Molino.

Ash: What band or album or song has been stuck on repeat for you lately? And any new bands we should check out, whether local or not?

Graham: I’ve got Toro Y Moi’s “Talamak” stuck right now.

Ash: What’s one thing about each member of the band that we would have never guessed?

Justin: Graham [Lovelis] is super into R&B, like K-Ci and JoJo shit. Dustin [Lovelis] sleep walks and pees on things. [Justin] Roeland can make a mean turkey pesto panini. And I’m a sucker for Steely Dan.

Ash: Anything else we should know about the band?

Justin: We name our vans. We speak to them on a first name basis.

Catch The Fling performing at the Summer and Music Festival in Long Beach today at 6 p.m. with Delta Spirit. And on August 5, the band plays The Grove’s Locally Grown concert series with Dusty Rhodes and the River Band. http://www.thefling.us/


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