Album Review: Kelli Scarr, ‘Piece’

23 Jul

By Becka DeLaney
Brooklyn’s Kelli Scarr, known for her collaboration and touring with well known music sensation Moby, has pieced together a life puzzle of music that hones in on the struggles of relationships and how to make peace with them. The 10-track full length album, Piece, scheduled to hit stores this Tuesday, exposes the singer’s sultry melodies and backdrops of ambient folk tunes.

Since her Nana began recording her tiny voice through a handheld cassette recorder at the age of 3, Scarr’s music career was in the making. With a household of her parent’s records and singing in her hometown church, Scarr and music have become like peanut butter and jelly; can’t eat one without the other.

When college came around, she moved to Boston, to study voice and then joined the ambient, progressive band Moonraker soon after. When the band decided to go its separate ways in 2005 with three records and several tours behind their belts, Scarr moved on to compose music scores for Matthew Norse’s film The Pacific and Eddy and Jeremiah Zagar’s documentary In a Dream in which the latter struck her a nomination for best original score. If that wasn’t enough, well known experimental music star Moby recognized her talent at a show in which the pair were both on the bill and soon after began a sweet friendship leading to a music partnership with a world tour and in 2009, releasing the song, “Wait For Me.” As if all this wasn’t enough, between working at a hospital in the early a.m. and breaks while her toddler was napping, Scarr started penning her own recordings together. Two and a half years later, with several records, Piece was born.

Scarr’s music makes me feel like I’m on a road trip across the country. As I travel and look at all the changes in trees, places and various people it’s as if she is teaching us about the world and all the things that make it interesting or hard. Her music is like a friend; one that “gets” you.

The second track on the album, “Driftwood,” reminds me of a cowboy western saloon scene with Scarr’s harmonies making a soulful casserole that resembles Feist, Zooey Deschanel and a few dab spices of the Mama’s and the Papas (except without the dudes singing).

Later in the record, the seventh track called “Anything” has quaint piano melodies combined with soft southern like drawls that paint the picture of a song about love and how she is “willing to do any little thing, just for a little bit of love.” Ah how true this can be when the opposite sex strikes those chords within us.

In each track throughout the record, most of the melodies are soft with a few here and there a little more upbeat. It’s a record  you will appreciate and  hopefully learn from.

Kelli Scarr performs at Hotel Cafe on Saturday, July 24.


One Response to “Album Review: Kelli Scarr, ‘Piece’”

  1. Erica Presley July 26, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    I appreciate the way this album was reviewed. It was extremely well versed. It makes me want to go and buy this artist album. Job well done.

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