New Noise: Letters to the Editor

12 Jul

By Jason Morash

Throughout the mythological spectacle that is called rock history, success comes from the families––especially siblings. Great bands such as Van Halen, AC/DC, and Heart have relied on the strength of fraternity/sorority to help them gain the status of superstardom. With this in mind, a fresh new band has better odds of making it by having a pair of siblings.

Letters to the Editor has two.

Starting in Brentwood, a small community in the Bay Area, the band (now in Pasadena) is composed of two sets of brothers–– the Woods and the Jones brothers. Sometimes siblings can cause tension, but Chris Wood (lead guitar/vocals) believes that having his twin brother Ryan on drums is mostly a good thing. “You get your family issues,” he says. “But it’s definitely a more cohesive unit.”

Kyle Jones (bass) was excited to recently join his brother Shane (lead vocals/guitar) on Letters to the Editor. “It brings us closer together, that’s for sure,” Kyle says.

The upbeat pop-rock group had a strong start playing large venues such as the Ernie Ball Stage at Warped Tour and at the illustrious Kodak Theatre where they won Hollywood’s Best New Talent Competition in the Best New Band category.

Although they have experienced some moderate success, they are still trying to get used to the big beast aka LA. “It’s a different scene; the way music is done and the way it is produced. There is a lot more competition and it seems like everybody is from somewhere else,” Ryan says.

Regardless, now that the band’s nerves have settled, they’re not afraid to set more challenging goals. “You get used to the pace of playing big shows,” Chris adds. “You don’t want to go smaller.”

Kyle is also very optimistic. “We have a better chance here in Pasadena than in the Bay Area,” he says.

Right now, they have a five-song demo out on iTunes featuring their trademark songs like the inspirational, fast-paced, rock anthem “Get Up,” and the moody, reminiscent ballad “Would You?”

“Letters to the Editor is going back to their roots. We are gonna keep doing things ourselves and do the stuff that worked,” Frontman Shane says.

If they stay true to their hard work ethic, keep jamming out alternative/ pop-rock songs with a positive, upbeat vibe, and of course, keep their families together, we should expect great things out of this band of brothers.


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