New Noise: ElectronicMeat

7 Jul

By Luke Messimer

A friend of mine once told me that it’s not the name of the band that makes the music, it’s the music that makes the name. This was said after discussing how it seems that a lot of bands with awful names have great music and a lot of bands with great names have awful music. Fullerton’s ElectronicMeat, for me, is a band with a great name and great music. Who wouldn’t want to listen to ElectronicMeat? What is ElectronicMeat? “The idea of ElectronicMeat revolves around helping people. All we want to do is satisfy our’s and your soul, nothing more,” says keyboardist and co-lead singer Tysen Cahill. If that quote isn’t enough for you to jump on this band, I don’t know what is.

Forming earlier this year, the band has a sound that isn’t easily pinpointed. “We’re attempting psychedelic pop-rock (trip-pop)”, says Cahill. “Others might not understand, or hear it, but that’s what we’re aiming at.” Having two different songwriters and singers, it’s almost like getting two bands in one. With influences that range from Alphabeat to Radiohead to Emma Watson, the songs have a certain characteristic that makes the listener feel comfortable, but a little on edge.

“At the bedrock of my motivation is Emma Watson (supreme babe). I’m hoping to get famous enough so I can meet her, then convince her to break up with her boyfriend, then persuade her to marry me,” Cahill says.

Incredible pop-sensibility is what makes this band stand out. There are a lot of great pop acts out there today, but if anyone were to do it right, it’d be ElectronicMeat. Their song “Paris,” written and sung by Cahill, is a great example of this. Sweet flowing melody over a bouncy and pumping piano line makes this song a new favorite. On the surface, it looks like your regular, lovey-dovey love song. Yet with lyrics like, “I’ve got you underneath my skin — say the words I’ll let my love begin. I’m alone, maybe that’s OK — say the words I’ll take my love away.” I feel like it’s a song written for today’s generation of lovers — fickle lovers.

“We want our music to encourage a well-founded hope in life, and also cultivate in our listeners a true love for others,” Cahill says. “We ultimately want others to know we feel their pain, and because of that, they’re not alone. I know this sounds like bullshit, but it’s our honest desire.”

The band is determined to make a name for themselves in this over-saturated music market that is Southern California, and I see them doing just that with no real problems. If their incredible song writing doesn’t do it, the kindness and sincerity of the members will push them on their way. These are five young and talented individuals who mean every word and understand the business side of things, but would never turn their backs on who they really are just for a the chance at stardom.

The band is currently recording their debut EP entitled Subconscious Lover with producer Barrett Slagle of Artisans Label. No set release date just yet, but they are nearing completion by the end of this month and hope to have a full length record finished by December. ElectronicMeat has only had a few shows, but you should be sure to look out for them in the Orange County circuit.

Electronic Meat are scheduled to play this Saturday, July 10, at Waterloo Station Coffee House in Mission Viejo with This Time with Feeling, Flowers For Algernon and Anonymous. 7-10 p.m., free.


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