Album Review: Venus Infers, ‘You’ll Understand When You’re Older’

6 Jul

By Allison Flaker

Huntington Beach’s Venus Infers remind me of why I enjoy chasing after new music and local heroes; they’re a band that rocks with intensity and ferocity. Their newest album, You’ll Understand When You’re Older, grabs you, gives you a shake and lets you hit the ground dizzy. With the release of their third full-length, Venus Infers are proving that their early career attention wasn’t all for nothing.

The band, made of up guitarist/vocalist Davis Fetter, drummer Steve Willmot, bassist Richard Marion and guitarist Hiro Makino, helps feed an insatiable appetite for rock music. A little Arctic Monkeys, a little dash of The Killers and enough of themselves to be the most dominant influence in this concoction. Their brooding and sexy dark undertones create something that is alive and invigorating to listen to.

You’ll Understand When You’re Older opens with a dramatic build-up that is followed by heavy drum beats that set the incendiary tone of the album. The first track, “(They Stole Today But They Won’t Take Away) Tomorrow” may bit a bit of a mouthful but more importantly, it’s an earful. The song, that has been on repeat on my iTunes, features Fetter’s captivating vocals, an instrument just as strong as any other. Through the instrumental mist he sings, “Struggling to make it easier/ I never felt alone ’til I was told what to feel.” Later in the album “Goodbye Horses” evokes a more reflective and inward looking track. The echo and ghostly way it’s sung is backed by synth-infused guitar riffs and gives way to a less epic but just as powerful rock sound.

After a few band member changes over the years, this current quartet have proven themselves worthy of the praise.

Venus Infers are scheduled to play Thursday, July 8 at La Cave in Costa Mesa (acoustic solo show with singer Davis Fetter);


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