New Noise: Preacher’s Sons

30 Jun

By Ashley Eliot

Forming just last fall, Fullerton folk rock band Preacher’s Sons is Oklahoma-raised brothers Brandon and Jeremy Pfaff. And yes, they are really the sons of a preacher and a “caring and humble” one says Brandon, lead vocalist and guitarist.

“We like how it sounds and we like the fact that it’s true,” Brandon says. “It’s not the kind of thing that we can change about ourselves.”

Though the band might be new, the Pfaff brothers have been playing music for 10 years and are definitely not strangers to Orange County’s music scene. They were in a band called Vespers for a few years, and since, have matured in their sound. Brandon and Jeremy (drums, keys and vocals) both realized they needed to create music that they felt comfortable with and best represented them. “One of our goals as a band has always been to be honest with ourselves, and work hard to create a sound that isn’t a new watered down version of whatever is cool at the moment,” Brandon says. ”

Influenced by Wilco, Elliott Smith, The Everly Brothers and The Weakerthans, Preacher’s Sons’ live set up also includes Jared Garcia (guitar), Matt Barrios (bass) and Mike Posey (acoustic guitar). Moving from Blackwell, Oklahoma to Orange County in 2001, Jeremy and Brandon’s sound may not share much of a resemblance to that western kind of heritage, but it does show in the band’s lyrics. Songs like “Poison Oak” and “Wandering” off of the band’s EP Looks Like A Sampler (released in April 2010) prove that true.

“I tend to explore images and experiences from my past a lot and so everything from the weather to the physical landscape of our hometown comes through in the songs,” Brandon says. “Much of the upcoming album is about coming to terms with my current reality and re-evaluating the things I believe or used to believe. Many of those things have roots in the culture I grew up in.”

Now, Preacher’s Sons are working on their first full-length album Looks Like a Flood, Feels Like a Drought with 11 tracks, due out in August. You can catch the guys playing Detroit Bar on Thursday, July 15 with May McDonough, Melanoid and Honeypie.

More from the interview:

Ash: Recently, you guys played with Inland Empire’s Francisco The Man, did you know the band before playing or was it your first time seeing them?

Brandon: If I remember correctly we met Francisco the Man through a random MySpace message three years ago. We started playing shows together and have since become good friends. They are an amazing band and equally incredible people. They are a constant encouragement that people are still making awesome music. It’s been great getting to know them whether we’re sharing recording equipment or a pitcher of beer.

Ash: What other bands from the Fullerton area are you guys friends with or any bands from that area we should also check out?

Brandon: The Steelwells always put on an impressive show. In LA, The Parson Red Heads are a favorite of mine, and The Fling has been high on my list for the last couple years.

Ash: Favorite venue you’ve played at so far:

Brandon: The Prospector, Long Beach

Ash: Does the band have a favorite hangout in Fullerton?

Brandon: Other than my apartment, Rutabegorz and Commonwealth Lounge are both great.

Check out the band performing their song “Change Your Name.” I chose this song because it’s great and it mentions the Fourth of July!


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