Album Review: The Tails, Self-Titled

29 Jun

By Allison Flaker

Do you ever wonder what happened to the piano stylings and witty unabashed lyrics of Ben Folds? Wonder no more, because with The Tails’ upcoming self-titled debut album, you can feel that warm sensation Folds once gave you, but in a more updated, younger and optimistic fashion. The Long Beach cousins started writing music together three years ago, and are recording, performing and ready to rock the suburbs.

The Tails’ album is a journey through pithy piano-driven, lyrically open ballads that go down easy. It’s fun, refreshing and smiley; a good break from the abounding angst fueled albums written by bands that take themselves too seriously. The Tails, cousins Craig (guitar and vocals) and Mike Chambers (keyboard and vocals), Gabe Palmer (drums) and Harris Pittman (bass), seem to be having as much fun in their songs as they want people to have while listening. The whistling on “Open Your Eyes” especially warms my heart. Their first track, “Can’t Get By,” seems to have a sunny outlook but is more of an un-love song when listened to closely; “Drunkenly, opening you’re just not who i’m looking for/ You should be an actor ‘cuz you’ve got no personality of your own/ All the world gets high, we just seem to get by.”

Although these guys aren’t afraid to show their softer side, don’t think they’re not here to rumble. With help from Limbeck’s Robb MacLean and Patrick Carrie making the album, and the furiously popular Avi Buffalo lending themselves on “Listen Honey,” they’ve perfectly positioned themselves in a light that can’t be ignored. This collaboration produces my favorite song on the album, because it successfully intertwines two very different music styles, which reveal The Tails’ musical potential. As indie music seems to becoming darker, harder and a bit stranger, many might wonder where The Tails fit and if their happy-go-lucky demeanor is relevant. It may take them a bit longer to get noticed, but when they do, people will keep watching.

The Tails play Everyday Noise’s show at Detroit Bar on Tuesday, July 6 with Peyote Players, Spirit Vine and California Condors. Free, 21+


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