Song Review: “If You Were Here” – Carly Layne

22 Jun

By Ashley Eliot

Carly Layne is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Laguna Beach who you need to hurry up and get to know. After hearing her, you probably wouldn’t expect that she’s only 20 and has only been serious about music for a little over a year. Layne, a multi-instrumentalist (she can play drums, guitar and piano), says while co-leading her church youth group she realized she could write “secular songs…songs about boys.” Thank goodness for that. Otherwise, her new single “If You Were Here” would not have happened. The song will be on an upcoming EP that Layne is currently recording. “If You Were Here,” produced by Dana Parker, includes Justin Burrow on guitar, Mikey Hachey on bass and Jorden Ingmar Alofs on percussion. Influenced by Wilco, Ryan Adams and Jessie Baylin, Layne’s delicate voice and country-esque/folk undertones bring the song to life. While her voice shares similarities to Norah Jones, Layne proves that age is just a number.

Below you can listen to “If You Were Here” and share your thoughts on the track!

If You Were Here by Carlylayne


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