Everyday News: Energy gummy bears?

17 Jun

A few days ago I received a press release about Loud Truck Energy Gummie. My first response was “I want these now!” If it can mix my love for energy drinks and gummy bears into one wonderful treat then I’m all in. I requested a bunch for Albert and I to try. I thought with our crazy schedules and us out at shows all the time that Loud Truck Energy Gummie would be the perfect snack. First off, they look and feel like the normal gummy bears. Second, they smell a little like medicine. Third, they taste very similar to Red Bull. I do love Red Bull. And I don’t really have to breathe when I eat it. But did it give me the energy boost that this naturally caffeinated treat with B, C & Q10 vitamins promised? I had one pack yesterday. Yet I ate them in the afternoon and I usually have a ton of energy around that time. Honestly, I have no idea if it gave me an energy boost or not. I also had green tea that afternoon.

Right now, it’s technically still morning and I’m exhausted so I will report back after I eat another pack of gummies. Seriously, this might be the best way for you musicians out there to stay energized during your show instead of pounding a Red Bull and having to pee every five minutes. I’m doing it for you guys and gals.

– Ash


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