Q&A: Voxhaul Broadcast

3 Jun

Starting in the beautiful sights of south Orange County and currently residing in the indie music haven Echo Park is a rock band with so much soul that you would probably be willing to exchange your own soul for their songs, within seconds of hearing them live.

Photo by Erik Ian

Whether you see Voxhaul Broadcast live or not, you still get the soulful and even sexy—yes, sexy—vibe in their recordings. The band’s sound mixes lots of slow bending notes that turn into rapid guitar riffs, making you want to grab the person next to you and dance. Once you add the almost hypnotizing beat and David Dennis’ swooning vocals and unexpected howls, you’re a goner, in the best way possible.

While getting tons of notice this year, the band’s releasing their first full-length album, Timing Is Everything, in the next couple of months and on July 20 are appearing on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic with Jason Bentley. Everyday Noise caught up with lead guitarist and keyboard player Anthony “Tony” Aguiar for album news, inspiration and perspective on life in Echo Park. (This interview by Allison Flaker.)

EN: When did Voxhaul Broadcast form?

Tony: We are all childhood friends and have been playing music together since we picked up our instruments. As Voxhaul Broadcast, I would say it came into existence about three to four years ago.”

EN: As Orange County natives who made the move to Los Angeles, particularly Echo Park where indie music is on every street corner. With an influx of great bands in Orange County, do you think it will ever be able to achieve that kind of musical stature?

Tony: The first one of us to move to Echo Park was Phil (Munsey, bass). He was the one that got us all excited to move and become part of the Echo Park music scene. We really enjoy it up here and I think that has a huge influence on us musically. It’s hard to tell if Orange County will ever have an Echo Park, usually it seems that whenever rent is cheap somewhere artists usually migrate there and then an art and music scene develops.

EN: Your sound is very deep in rock and soul, even a little bit southern. Where do you gain musical inspiration? Who are your influences?

Tony: We all gain our musical inspiration from each other. We come into band practice and just start jamming on anything and most of the time that turns into a song. We try and compliment one another and feed off each other’s energy. Our influences are pretty basic: The Beatles, Beach Boys, Motown music, Bob Dylan and Nirvana.

EN: You’ve gained much notoriety playing all over LA, especially at the Echoplex and Spaceland and you got the opportunity to play at SXSW. What’s next? Do you have any plans for an upcoming tour?

Tony: The basic plan is to finish the album, then release it and then tour a bunch. Right now, I hear we will be doing an east coast tour in August and maybe a west tour in July. We will figure out the details pretty soon.

Voxhaul Broadcast live at Detroit Bar on May 1, 2010. Photo by Ashley Eliot, Everyday Noise

EN: We really like how gritty your vocals sound on Tattoo Bible on your recent EP Fact, Fiction & Turquoise. This song really stuck out, can you tell us more about it?

Tony: We are all big fans of how John Lennon’s vocals come out on those really rock’n Beatles songs so I think we always try and capture that tonality that we hear in his voice.

EN: How is the new album Timing Is Everything coming along? Is there a release date? And what are you guys going for with the new record?

Tony: When we recorded “Rotten Apples,” we never intended on that being an EP. We just put some songs together and recorded them in one day. Since this is our first album we want to make sure everything is right and that we still capture the live sound and energy we give off when we play live. Most likely the album will be done by the end of June and released shortly after.

EN: With the success that you guys have already achieved, what advice would you give to your local music peers?

Tony: Be patient and love what you are doing. There are a lot of ups and downs so it is important to always enjoy the ride.

EN: What artist or album can you listen to every day?

Tony: Phil says Blur because they are diverse in their genre.

EN: Name a few artists that you recently discovered that we should check out:

Tony: Just to name a few: Dr. Dog, Neon Indian and The Dirty Projectors.

Voxhaul Broadcast are scheduled to play Friday, June 4 at the Gypsy Lounge (21+ $8),  in Lake Forest with Honeypie, Jameson and Big Bad Wolf; www.myspace.com/voxhaulbroadcast.


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